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Hoan Ngoc Plant - Natural Wonder



Hoan Ngoc plant has a scientific name called Pseuderanthemum Palatiferum (Nees) Radlk, it is a medicinal plant that can be uses diseases. Over the year Hoan Ngoc Tea of 7 Nga Tay Ninh have had received many pretigious awards and is considered to be a precious drink for human being.


At DavidDuc Co., Ltd. one of the main criteria in our business is to improve the quality of life. First we offer high sd and affordable odations, then we proand sell beautiful and cozy furitures. From 2010, we have decided to go a step further, we offer to our customers a Precious Drink, HOAN NGOC TEA.


Since 2010, we have become Hoan Ngoc Tea 7 Nga Tay Ninh's Hanoi major distributor. With our wide of distribution network, our cprofile in Hanoi has been growing and so as our wholesalers.


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